You have to imagine that a site with the URL gets a lot of traffic – it comes up first in Google results for “Self-Publishing.” That’s impressive but how’s the actual service? Overall, offers well-priced packages that include services such as marketing, which makes a good to choice to print a book. Though is affiliated with an online bookstore, like every self-publishing service, the recommended use of is if your interested in starting an imprint, rather than publishing a book with AuthorHouse or iUniverse, which will bear the stamp of those presses.

What this means is that is more of a printing company than a publishing company – which is exactly what some aspiring authors are looking for. In addition to printing services, offers custom book cover design, book interior design, editorial services, and marketing services, such as:

  • Web design
  • Press release distribution
  • Online bookstore distribution via ISBN
  • Podcast interviews

These are similar services to other self-publishing, but with the capability of marketing your own brand, rather than marketing the brand of a self-publishing company. The prices are competitive as well. Though people talk of the flexibility of using a self-publishing house with no set-up fee, like Lulu, the actual long-term cost for printing in this way is more expensive. For example:

  1. 500 copies of a paperback runs $2,953.74
  2. 500 copies via Lulu is $3,250.

The difference isn’t just $300: as the price of a Lulu book is just the base price for printing a book of similar length. It doesn’t factor in cover design, ISBN distribution, and other services, which ultimately make a Lulu book much more expensive, regardless of the initial set-up fee.

Quality of the Books

Generally, the quality of’s books is high – more professional than your average self-publishing book design. Certainly, “” is a generic brand to stamp on your book – but that’s not the best way to use this service. Use’s designers to design a book using your own publisher’s imprint and use the site’s Thor Distribution to have the book distributed to online and retail outlets. If you’re looking for a way to print books, as separate from the stigma of using a self-publisher, can cover both book design and distribution.

  • Superb review, self publishing is great.

  • Amanda Grace

    How is the quality of’s books? Will they fall apart after the second read like so many other cheaper self published books?