Self-Published Writers Receive IPPY Awards

The IPPY Awards are in and a number of self-published titles have been included:

5. Popular Fiction
Gold (tie): The Dyodyne Experiment, by James Doulgeris and V. Michael Santoro (Synergy Books – A Book Pros imprint that costs $8000 to publish with advanced PR and distribution) and Peak Experience, by Bud Connell (ARC Publishers – the writer’s imprint, not ARC Publications out of the UK)
Silver (tie): A Plague of Scoundrels, by Jon Cory (Komenar Publishing – not s-p) and Do The Math: A Novel of the Inevitable, by Philip B. Persinger (iUniverse)

9. Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction
Silver (tie): alone boy, by Bradley Huff (Booksurge) and Run Like Jäger, by Karen Bass (Coteau Books – not s-p)

11. Historical/Military Fiction
Gold (tie):
Katherine’s Wish, by Linda Lappin (Wordcraft of Oregon – not s-p) and The Confederate War Bonnet, by Jack Shakely (iUniverse)

16. Religious Fiction
The 6th Seal, by J.M. Emanuel (Booksurge)
Bronze (tie): Passport, by Christopher Blunt (Pelican Crossing Press – not s-p) and One Fine Season, by Michael Sheehan (Authorhouse)

18. True Crime
The Predator Next Door, by Darlene Ellison (hta Books) – to be reviewed soon on SPR
Silver: Luggage by Kroger, by Gary Taylor (iUniverse) – reviewed on SPR

And many others. Congrats to the winners!

  • Just a quick note to thank you for honoring self-published IPPY winners here and to note that my book, which won a Silver in the “writing/publishing” category, was also self-published — The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write (http://calltowrite.com)

  • Yes, it is great to note there were several self- published IPPY winners. I would also like to note my own self published book won a Bronze in the “Gift” category — Legs Talk: A Modern Girl’s Dating Tale. (http://www.legs-talk.com)

  • Just a note that my suspense thriller BROTHER won the bronze medal for Popular Fiction, and was also self-published. (www.jamesfredericks.com)

  • I said “And many others”! Thanks everyone for adding to the list.

  • My novel, Passport, won the Bronze medal for religious fiction. It was in fact self-published; Pellican Crossing Press is my own publishing company and Passport is its only publication thus far.