Self-Published Books Leading at Smashwords


The most downloaded books today, Jan. 8, at Smashwords.com are by (self-published) Backword Books authors.

Women’s fiction

#1 – Homefront by Kristen J. Tsetsi

#2 – Waiting for Spring by R.J. Keller (reviewed by me here)

Literary fiction

#1 – Homefront by Kristen J. Tsetsi

#4 – American Book of the Dead by Henry Baum

#6 – Waiting for Spring by R.J. Keller

#8 – Carol’s Aquarium by Kristen J. Tsetsi

Much gratitude goes to the readers using the e-readers I can’t say I’ll ever buy, myself, but which I completely support and appreciate as a technological tool. I do see the beauty in them – really. Not just because you’re using them to read Backword Books’ books, either. But, that said, thank you so much for reading Backword Books.

  • Congrats you guys!

  • stickravenpress

    Outstanding! Glad you’re doing well.

  • Fantastic. Congratulations to all the Backwords authors.

  • What I think is most exciting is how many “real” books there are at Smashwords, and how many self-pubs are up in the upper ranks. It’s a bit of “ohhh..yeah! Readers really do go more for the story than the logo on the binding…” It’s encouraging for ALL writers, traditionally published or self-published. If people like your book, they like your book. Doesn’t matter how it got out there.