Videos of eReaders at CES

What an incredibly exciting time for the ebook market. Often, you could be led to think that there’s a hefty amount of delusion in the advocacy of self-publishing, given the difficulty of adequately distributing books. But this year’s Consumer Electronics Show shows that ebooks are here to stay, which will increase the potential for distribution for all writers. At some point not far off, it’s going to be a given that most everyone has some type of ereader technology.

The tablet seems most promising because it satisfies different functions. So those who are ebook-averse can get a tablet that acts as a portable computer/movie player/reader/etc. etc., rather than shelling out a lot of money for an ereader that only has one function.

This is why the Kindle is so significant – not just for the Kindle itself, but its success has spawned all these different models, which improve (potentially) on older models. Of course the Apple iSlate (or whatever it’s going to be) is probably going to crush all of these, so that these ereaders can have their month of relevancy before the Apple tablet becomes the rage. Apple’s entry into the market is likely more important than most of these listed below, but they’re still fascinating.

EnTourage eDGe:

The Plastic Logic Que:

The Cool-ER:

Alex Ereader:

Blio Software:

Other things of interest: