Monthly Archives: May 2010

Selling Direct to the iPad

The Apple iPad has now gone the Kindle dtp route and now users can upload a book directly to the iBooks store without having to use a third-party distributor, like Smashwords (which I still advocate because of all of the other places it distributes to).…

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Garrison Keillor on Self-Publishing

Today’s must-read.  Garrison Keillor signals the death of publishing and the birth of…something else:

And if you want to write, you just write and publish yourself. No need to ask permission, just open a Web site. And if you want to write a book, you just write it, send it to or BookSurge at Amazon or PubIt or ExLibris (sic – in the NY Times no less) and you’ve got yourself an e-book.

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Getting a Free eBook with a Physical Book

Cross-posted at my blog as well.

I saw a post on the Kindle forums asking “Will Amazon offer free to Kindle users, the hardcovers they have purchased?” and the obvious answer is no, since it’s not Amazon’s decision. Books you buy are not just the words of a story, no matter how ideal that would be.…

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Feedbooks: A Primer

Amid all of the discussion about the multiple ‘walled gardens’ being set up to push DRM-ed ebooks to devices, a Paris-based team have been steadily building a system to push books anywhere and shipping more books than Apple in the process.…

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