Now: Bookmasters Enters Self-Publishing

This seems fairly inevitable, though perhaps not as inevitable as Barnes & Noble’s entrance into self-publishing.  Book manufacturer and distributor, Book Masters, is starting a self-publishing service called Auturo:

Auturo (o-tour-o)

• Fluent in many languages and media

• Covering all digital conversion and distribution needs.

• Consolidates reporting and remittance for digital sales.

• Cost-effective, hassle-free services reaching the global market.

• Combining print and digital products for distribution globally.

Auturo Proposal Request

Why us?

• You own your own files

• Automatically updates your distribution profile with any new opportunities

• Bundle digital and hard copy production to reach all markets effectively

• Lowest revenue share costs, highest return rate to authors

• Professional sales force and marketing

Like Barnes & Noble, cost has yet to be disclosed.  If it’s reasonable, Bookmasters is in a good position to potentially offer better distribution than other self-publishing services.

About Bookmasters:

For more than 30 years, BookMasters, Inc. has been offering full-service publishing solutions from design to distribution to our customers worldwide. A privately held, family-owned business, BookMasters, Inc. blends superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service with high-quality manufacturing and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our capabilities include one- to four-color offset printing and on-demand digital printing. Complete electronic prepress services are available, including color separations. BookMasters, Inc. offers saddle-stitch, perfect, lay-flat, adhesive/Smyth-sewn case, and mechanical bindings. Complete storage and conventional/e-fulfillment services are available with cost-effective shipping from BookMasters’ Midwest location. Value-added services include full-service composition, CD and DVD duplication services, and Internet sales through our online bookstore.

AtlasBooks, our distribution service, provides publishers with the necessary access to major wholesalers, including Ingram Book Group, Baker & Taylor, New Leaf, Borders, Waldenbooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Brodart.

BookMasters, Inc. coordinates each stage of production, providing flexible schedules and competitive pricing to the short- to medium-run market.

  • Kevin O’Hara

    BookMasters is a predatory vanity press. And the “distribution” through AtlasBooks is an absolute joke. It amounts to registering your title with Amazon Advantage — and nothing else. In the past AtlasBooks made their money exclusively through printing and warehouse fees charged to the author/publisher. Their method: a) get the publisher to print as many copies as possible b) do nothing to distribute those copies while charging the publisher endless fees. They make 98% of their income ripping off potential publishers and self-publishers. That’s what I mean by predatory vanity press — they will do everything they can to ruin your chances of success for your product because THEY MAKE MONEY when it doesn’t sell. And the “services” BookMasters provides: as far as printing as the absolute worst in the business. They also offer bogus “marketing” opportunities to their publishers — that will guarantee failure. Avoid BookMasters — even in its new incarnation. If you want to go with printing use the LEGIT services provided by Lightning Source — for digital printing. Google them. You’ll be much much happier dealing with them. Don’t waste your time supporting a predatory vanity press like BookMasters / Atlasbooks.

    • I agree. Bookmasters promise so much they just don’t end up giving and take so much more. It is a con.

  • There seems to be no point in any of these middle men self publishing houses who are working off the ignorance of people who can’t find a publisher. They take the money and promise the earth and deliver nothing. The same results of profit can be achieved going direct to amazons self publishing. Beware of this company taking your money and signing a contract that will leave you paying for stock, storage and everything else they can throw at you. To get a sample, a physical proof of your book they will charge a small fortune compared to Amazon, who charge the tiny cost. BEWARE. STAY AWAY !