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A recent comment on the Web Presence Checklist post said this:

All good points, but not necessarily formulas for success. I have a web presence everywhere. I’ve done 95% of what you’ve listed above. Google me and you’ll find me listed from page 1-15, Right now my book The Price of Innocence in paperback languishes at the 1,588,000 rank mark on Amazon in the US. What do you do when you’ve done it all and then some? I’m beginning to think some of it is just plain dumb luck. I suppose if I made my 19th century Parisian prostitute into a vampire I would sell more. But I’ve also learned not all of the above guarantees sales, neither does your name plastered everywhere on the net. Not quite sure what makes it happen, but I’ll walk the road and keep at it.

It’s true, you can do everything right and still nothing happens.  Recently, found out about UpHype via a Twitter follow and it might be able to help out a bit.  There you can get some social media help (and other things) for dirt cheap.  This one intrigues me a lot – I will tweet Your Website, Hype or Service To my 121,450 Twitter Followers FIVE times for $8:

You’ll get minimum 400+ visitors to your website/landing page or I will tweet again five times FOR FREE (average from last 10 is 987 visits) . Message sent to OVER 121,450 english speaking followers across my 43 different niches/accounts within 24 hrs. YOU must devise your message. I will send instructions tips/after you order. VERY IMPORTANT:I WILL NOT BE SENDING OUT ANY MORE TWEETS UNTIL 31st JULY but you can reserve your place (only 100 orders/mth MAX)

Another: I will tweet about your product or service to over 20k followers 5 times a day for 8 weeks for $16:

I will tweet about your product or service to over 20k followers 5 times a day for 8 weeks. You will have your own control panel where you can edit your message and have full access to your stats 24/7. I have processed over 300 sales on other sites.

These things might lead to nothing, but if you’ve hit a wall, it could be helpful.  Most people probably have under 1000 Twitter followers, so this will reach a lot more people.  Of course, it doesn’t mention what niche these followers are, but for 8 bucks, it’s worth a shot.

One thing I would stay away from: I will show you around the Dallas/Fort Worth area for $16.

Yeesh, talk about something that’s open for corruption, even danger.  I’d recommend the site taking these sorts of offers down because the possible legal ramifications and bad press are immense.

If you’ve got a lot of Twitter followers, or something else, it’s also a potential way to make some money.  The first listing is doing 100 a month at $8 each – a nice amount of money every month for not that much work.

  • What the hell, I’ve got 8 bucks. I’m trying this out — the 121,000 followers guy is going to tweet me up on Monday. I’ll report back next week with my findings.

    • Just fyi, the guy has apparently had a computer crash, so the tweets he was going to do never happened. He contacted me after the fact, though, and I was able to cancel the job and get my $8 back. So the Uphype service itself appears to be above-board

      • Hmmn, that’s too bad, but thanks for checking back.

      • Tim

        Did you finally test out the site? I am anxious to hear your results. I may try it out.

  • Interesting this should crop up when I just ended an experiment with Adwords of my own book. I got about 90 clicks from 350,000 displays, at a cost of $13. No effect on sales, though it did give my website all of it’s daily traffic. Adwords is more niche since it’s keyword and content based, but twitter does have the whole follower effect from people that are recognized and respected. It may be useful, or just a waste of a few bucks.

    • My six-month Adwords trial was a complete bust. In my very long experience with website promotion, nothing out there compares to links, all with the strength of =at least= implied testimonials–from sites from which a natural fanbase flows. And those links from other sites help drive your site toward the hallowed first page of returns on search engine requests. That’s the kind of energy you want to make the effort to swap, and it comes in so many forms.

  • Tim

    I used Uphype.com for the first time and got my website blasted to over 20K Twitter followers with a results of over 160 visitors ROI to my website in the first day! And there’s a bunch of days to go. I also just bought the service of the guy with 120K twitter followers too, I’ll let you know those results as soon as he starts the job.

  • sleepyjohn

    Any more experiences with this thing? I am seriously thinking of trying some simple ones. Will post back here with results. Eric Hammel’s assessment seems to make a lot of sense, and is convincing coming from someone with his background.

  • Jen

    I think uphype.com is awesome. I used it several times for all kinds of stuff. It’s getting a lot of press of its own, too. It tends to get a high quality of sellers. It’s niche seems to be marketing versus random stuff like showing someone around the city. But there is a cool hype for $8 – a guy will draw you a monster. They are really cool. Check it out.

    • Jen

      Oh, I forgot to say I’m a writer. I’ve sold stuff and hyped stuff. This is the best site out there like this.

  • chrispl0

    I’ve tried to contact two people but no answer!

  • I am also a member of uphype as ( vex79 ) I have 2 main hyped, one is for tweeting your links to my 40.000 followers from four Twitter accounts in 4 niches. I also offer to place your banners or links on my website. I’ve been with uphype as a seller for 1 year now and it been great. I highly recommend uphype. Like your site keep up the good work.