SpringBrook Digital: New Distribution Channel For Indie Authors

Everybody knows about Amazon.  Most know about Smashwords and the assorted channels available through their Premium Distribution.  I’m here to tell you about a brand new distribution option for indie authors: SpringBrook Digital.  They’re a new company distributing both ebooks and audiobooks.

They not only sell through their own website, but they also have contracts with Audible, iTunes, and, most exciting to me, with Overdrive, which is the holy grail for getting into America’s libraries, of which there are more than 100,000.  That was the selling point for me.  I don’t necessarily expect to make big bucks selling to libraries, but the important thing is that it gives access to folks to try stuff out for free who might go on to try my other books (when I have other books).  I’m a big believer in libraries as means for discovering new authors.

Now I don’t yet have an audio version of Forsaken By Shadow (I’m trying to talk my husband into helping me out with that since he runs a freelance recording studio), but it’s on my list of things to try for promo when I have more time.  But if you’ve got an audiobook, this is a great outlet.  If you WANT an audiobook, they offer recording and production services (you’ll have to get a quote).

Interested?  Go to their main website and click the “Publish With Us” tab.  You can also talk with Jeff on Twitter @springbrookaud.  Tell him Kait sent you.  We really need to help bulk up their selections for the female demographic!

The e-book version of Forsaken By Shadow (my debut paranormal romance novella)  just went up for sale in the SpringBrook catalogue.  If you missed the original $1 price, it’s up for $0.99 as an introductory offer here at SpringBrook.  Formats available include .prc, .mobi. PDF, and E-PUB.

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  • Thanks for the resource! I’ve been considering making my books audio for a while (we have professional recording equipment at home), and other than the immense amount of time it takes, distribution was something I was concerned about. %75 commission does seem fine as well, once you discount the cuts the various extra final distributers will take. It’d be great to be on Audible, but Amazon doesn’t have an official upload for it like Kindle does.

    • I think it has the potential to be great once it’s up and running. Right now they’re relying heavily on their authors to help get the word out, both to other authors and to potential readers. I’d definitely like to try audio on down the road when I’ve got more time!

  • Wow, thanks for this unexpected plug, Kait. I hope we’re ALL a huge success. Thanks for joining us on our big experiment.