Dear Readers

I am new to the block. Allow me to give you a brief description of what I write and why I write it.

I am a macabre fantasy fiction writer. I don’t write about zombies, vampires, ethereal erotica, werewolves, elementary-level fantasy with repeating lines or anything of that nature. My preference is to not follow a generic norm, but to create my own evolved, heightened sense of self-defined creative brain vomit for others to enjoy. If I wanted to make guaranteed money, I’d conform to the desires of all the Barnes and Noble patrons and make the most recent surge of vampire romance novels look like a 12 pack of Aloe and Vitamin E enhanced toilet paper.

My writing focuses on the adverse side of demons and their nature as we know it to be through stories, legends, superstitions, factual documentation. I find them jovial, witty; a fresh and unique tool with which to mold my excessively rambling thought process. I use them as good guys, as the moral compass, as the teacher, the wise in a sea of fools. I’ve read the Old Testament and its stories. I’ve read the Lesser Keys of Solomon. I get a good amount of questions from my writing, usually “Um, so what has your psychologist said about this?” I always enjoy that comment, mainly because I’m pretty quick in stating that what I use to create what I do is purely subjective, it doesn’t mean I have a preference to actually loving the critters I write about. I prefer to have an original spin on a good guy/bad guy storyline. If this makes the stories that much more enjoyable, then score one for me!

I want people to enjoy what I take the time to create, if I didn’t, then I truly am in the wrong by tagging myself as a writer. In saying that, all writers should enjoy what they write. If you don’t like it, don’t delete, put it aside and work on it when you have a fresh perspective. Just like any other writer out there on or off the market, I value insight, constructive criticism, experience, and objective thoughts over anything else.

If you want a read, let me know! I am more than happy to share my works, as I have a lot of work to do!