My Experience with Authorhouse

Why did you decide to self publish, and what drew you to Authorhouse?

I decided to self publish because I really wanted to tell a contemporary Nigerian story. I had shopped around for a few months for a traditional publisher in the United States where I live but most replies stated that they would prefer a romance set in this country. There are not many publishers in Nigeria and the few there are a bit resource constrained. So I began to research self-publishing. I read some good testimonies about the process and how it can be successful if one is willing to dedicate some time to it. I felt I could follow the route since I was a full time writer and I already had an audience through my blog. Also I read about other authors who had done the same and what their experiences had been like with different companies.

I chose Author House because I read several good things about them. They assign you a design team, a book consultant and a sales person. I liked that they had access to a large number of the major retailers in America, Europe and the UK. They also have various packages including editing and promotions and you choose the one that suits you best and which you can afford. I couldn’t afford that so I first improved on my writing by attending workshops and interacting with other writer-bloggers which helped to polish my manuscript to very good standard. There were also a lot of author resources on the Authorhouse website to guide one through all the stages including marketing and publicity and that convinced me.

What kind of services did you get from the package you did go for? Did you feel they were worth the money?

Yes. I paid for the basic package and then added copyright and Library of Congress. With the discount they had then, it came to just under $600 and that worked for me. The royalties may not be that great but I’m fine with the book being accessible from virtually everywhere including physical bookstores.

How long did it take from deciding to purchase the package and actual publication? What were the major milestones for you?

It took about 2 months. There was the interior Galley and edits, the cover galley and corrections and then the final going to press. The final high point of course was getting the first complimentary copy.

What were the pros and cons of using Authorhouse for you?

So far, it has been more of pros, all the cons like some typos and grammar misses are all mine. For the package I bought, I didn’t really expect too much from them.

Who would you recommend it to? Who would you recommend try and different path?

I would recommend Authorhouse to someone who has a niche audience and does not have too high hopes of the outcome. They must also be willing to do a lot of publicity. Anyone who writes mainstream or literary fiction I would recommend continuing with queries to agents and traditional publishers.

What kind of publicity have you done so far? What has had the most impact on sales, in your opinion?

My PR has mostly been through my blog, Facebook and Twitter. There was also this site I found, Freado.com through which I was able to share the first chapter of my book with in-built publicity platforms like auto-twitter, email campaign, etc.

And maybe this is a con of Authorhouse or just something I’d prefer added. Reports come quarterly and in that sense, it’s hard to see exactly what the sales trends are and what dots to join. So I just keep doing the best I can.

I think most places give quarterly royalty reports. My Ravenous Romance royalties did show where the payments were coming from, since third-party retailers run a quarter behind and take a large chunk of the sales, alas.

On that note, do you know who you make the most sales through?

My book was just published in December 2009 and I have gotten just two reports, with most of the sales through Authorhouse. Amazon sales started in Feb and like you just confirmed run a quarter behind. I think from the book tracking there that I have done quite well but I can’t say for sure till I get the next report. So far, the most sales have been through Amazon for both the paperback sales and the Kindle eBook.

Would you go straight to Authorhouse with any future novels, or would you shop them around first?

I will shop around although I already have a publishing offer from Authorhouse for my next novel. It is a package for next books from authors who have shown they can publicize their books and whose previous books have performed fairly in sales. It never hurts for one to spread their options. One thing I do like about Authorhouse is that I keep all the rights so I can still re-publish at any time.


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  • M.R.

    I disagree! AuthorHouse is a terrible company to work with for any reason. I recently began having heart problems and had paid for a publishing package with the company a few months before. I had only exchanged a few emails with my project check-in person and had them look at a piece of my artwork. When I realized that my time might not be as certain as I thought, I expressed my concerns to AuthorHouse and asked for a refund or at least a partial one. Spending times with family and friends was more important to do with my time, but all AuthorHouse did was blow smoke at me and said, “Sorry about your luck. We are keeping your money one way or the other.”
    I hadn’t even submitted a manuscript or anything to this company and they just took my money and refused to refund me inlight of my current situation.

  • Mary Arias

    My book has been with AuthorHouse for several years, I have never received a check When I called, a couple of years ago, they said they had sent a check in 2013 or 2014 to someone, (not me)and that they would investigate who received and cashed the check. Haven’t heard a word. Does anyone know how to get money out of these people??