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Via PR Newswire:

BookBaby throws open the doors to the electronic publishing and distribution world for independent authors, offering the highest pay-out rate for eBook distribution in the industry. Authors will receive 100% of their net sales revenue – paid weekly – generated through all BookBaby’s retailer network, including all the major retailers including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Sony, and soon, Google.To celebrate its debut in the eBook world, BookBaby is offering worldwide eBook distribution for an introductory price of $99, a $50 discount off the regular price of $149. More details can be found on BookBaby’s website: www.bookbaby.com

Focusing on products and services for the independent author community, BookBaby is a new division of parent company CD Baby. Over the past decade, CD Baby has paid out over $120 million to indie musicians worldwide, and has helped level the playing field between DIY musicians and major labels by opening worldwide distribution channels to unsigned artists. Now, with their recently launched BookBaby division, they’re doing it again for the publishing industry.

“In just six months since our soft launch, BookBaby has established itself as THE destination for authors looking for a simple, comprehensive solution to their digital distribution needs,” says BookBaby president Brian Felsen. “We make it easy: our sign-up includes a free EPUB conversion to ensure your eBook is distributed to all of the largest retailers.”

BookBaby’s services are priced to be affordable to independent authors – both established and new – as well as small and medium-sized imprints that need an easy solution for eBook distribution to all major retail outlets. Since the company does not collect a royalty or commission on sales revenue from its authors, it’s as if those authors went directly to the retailer to sell their eBooks, with the added convenience of consolidated sales reporting across all retailers, one simple title submission process for all retailers, and weekly payments to authors.

Book Baby will digitally distribute your work to the biggest eBook retailers in the world, making your eBook available to be read on all of current – and future – devices:

  • Apple iPad (through the iBookstore)
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Sony Reader

As part of its simplified eBook program for independent authors, BookBaby offers format conversion services, helping clients to convert .doc, .html or .txt files into ePub, which is rapidly on its way to becoming the new standard format for electronic publishing.

Ebook Formatting with Ebookit, Book Baby, & Publish Green

  • Has anyone tried this? I would appreciate some insider info

  • john

    not yet but I can’t find anything bad so I’ll spend the 99 buckos and see.

    • Frank

      Hey John…I want to know if you signed up. I have several books ready, and am wondering how you were received. Frank

  • G. julian Walker

    Dear friend of jaded authors: I have been wanting to publish books for 40 years. All publishers turn me down with their pathetic excuses. I have tried subsidy publishers and been fleeced by a few of them. I published by myself and for myself, with no marketing whatsoever and consequently I have to store my books at home. Can this be true that you will publish a book of mine? How about marketing?

    • Josephine

      Have you tried sending a Query to Agents to represent you to the bigger publishing companies? Sometimes that can be easier in the long run and if you have a good enough experience for that one book, the chances are good that the Agent will represent your other books. Just takes a little contracting and a smart mind so you don’t get screwed over.

  • G. julian Walker

    Lulu.com charges $625 to publish and promote an e-book. How can you do it for only $100 ? There must be hidden charges, how about it ?

  • Tony

    Lulu.com charges 625 dollars because people are willing to pay it. Think about it dude, it’s all electronic, how much can it REALLY cost.

    Hell 99 sounds a little pricy to me…

  • Lisa Sheridan

    I just had a horrendous experience with book baby…they took 3x as long as they promised, and couldn’t give Decent instructions to save their lives. Everytime, it was, “well, someone should have told you to do this or that..” So I would do it, and then they would then say that there yet another hoop…It was ridiculous.the final straw was when they finally submitted my book to Amazon and some dudes book was listed next to my book title, with it’s manuscript placed within my book title. I downloaded a sample of my book and it’s his book– written in French! I mean, I know Amazon is outsourced to the Philippines, but it’s Bookbabys job to make sure they have it right, not mine. Never use this company. Never. They are grossly incompetent.