Get the Write Focus

Every day I’m reminding someone in my life to focus. If it’s not my children or my students, then it’s my husband.

When it comes to writing, we have to find a way to focus on the writing we want to produce. But in reality, “focus” can be challenging, especially when your days and nights are full. The distractions are real and unavoidable, but so is your desire and passion for writing.

As I reflect on my journey in completing “The Second First Lady,” I somehow found my focus.  So here are some tips that I hope will help you:

*Don’t stress yourself out by trying to write for the same number of hours every day. Do what works for your schedule.

*Find a friend who will hold you accountable for writing consistently.

*Share your writing with a friend who is willing to listen. Talk about the characters and where the story is headed.

*Go to a writing conference or start a writing group so you can network and get feedback from  other writers.

*Read author websites and join their mailing lists.

*Make a positive affirmation everyday about your writing.

*Read an article or book that will help you improve your craft.

As simple as these tips may seem, they contribute to the focus you need to become a writer who actually… writes.