Review: Lightworker: The Unique Souls Who Have Come to Heal the Planet


I feel I must preface this review by offering full disclosure: Until now, I have never reviewed a work of non-fiction, nor a work which falls into the Spiritual or Self-Help genres. Naturally, what follows in this review is entirely my opinion, and I’ll do my best to cover what I think are its high and low points.

As I mentioned before, Lightworker by Sahvanna Arienta is what you would consider a Spiritual book, one written to help others find an understanding of their place in the world. The book revolves around a number of statements about the balance of energy put forth by the author very early on. Specifically, this involves the light and dark energies which make up the balance, and as Sahvanna writes, these days it seems there’s far more dark energy than light energy.

That’s where these Lightworkers come in:

A Lightworker is a certain breed of soul. These are beings that have, throughout history, come to Earth incarnated as humans to enlighten, guide, and teach when needed. At the present time, a literal army of Lightworkers is arriving on the planet due to global issues that are rapidly spinning out of control and becoming a serious threat to humanity.


But this is no ordinary army. Lightworkers aren’t all great spiritual gurus or even political leaders—they may be musicians or artists, shopkeepers or accountants, stay-at-home moms or homeless folks. Many forget their divine purpose once they get here, living among us unaware of who they really are or why they have come. Although it’s not always obvious who these Lightworkers are or easy to understand the qualities that make them different, one thing is certain: the Earth is more in need of these Lightworkers at this point in time than ever before.

The main purpose of the book is help readers identify ways in which they might be Lightworkers themselves. Sahvanna offers insight for readers to help determine what sort of Lightworker they might be, and includes a number of methods with which one can channel their abilities, and ways in which these abilities may be employed to help others.

The author’s writing is conversational, making the concepts easy to grasp and understand. In terms of presentation, the book looks professionally done. While there are a number of typos (which, as a writer myself, I know are incredibly sneaky), they aren’t so distracting as to take away from the content. I can’t comment on the print quality, as the copy I reviewed was in digital form (which was my preference).

I found this book to be interesting, and it held my attention throughout. However, I did take issue with some of the anecdotes which populate the text, usually once or twice per chapter. Though they are there to reinforce each chapter’s points, their convenience was enough fuel my personal skepticism. Situations which the author used to relay a message about a particular chapter’s theories could just as easily be explained away by human psychology and behavior.

I get calls from clients who are in absolutely miserable situations; troublesome relationships that are filled with jealousy, deceit, sometimes even abuse, yet they have difficulty letting them go. Many Lightworkers will stay in or even seek out dysfunctional relationships. There are several reasons Lightworkers continually find themselves in unhappy relationships. For a Lightworker with heightened sensitivities, life can become a vicious cycle of highs and lows in an attempt to quell the anxieties that go along with the extrasensory perceptions. When we enter into a new romance, we become intoxicated by the feelings that it brings. Hormones and other chemical changes actually make us love drunk. But when reality sets in, the high that it brings will eventually bring on drastic lows. The Lightworker will become addicted to the feelings that a new romance brings, and seek it out over and over again. These highs will only temporarily soothe the suffering that the unaware Lightworker may be going through.

When I read this passage, my first thought was that someone with any number of co-dependent or bi-polar issues could easily fit into this description. There are several other instances where it seemed as though the author was trying to force behavioral into the book’s context. At times I found myself skipping over lists of various traits and characteristics which were supposed to determine otherworldly qualities. On the flip-side, I suppose this is actually the point, and I feel I must clarify something: I understand this book wasn’t specifically written to persuade others into its particular beliefs, and these issues of skepticism are entirely my own. Others may see no problem with it.

With that said,  I think readers who approach this book with an open mind, and who are seeking guidance in their lives or an understanding of a possible higher purpose, will probably find it to be an intriguing guidebook. Despite my varying degrees of skepticism, I did find it an interesting read, and I would recommend it to others who may be trying to find their way. If you fit that bill, then this book is for you.

Sahvanna Arienta is a psychic medium and intuitive advisor whose clientele numbers in the thousands. In addition to her private consultations, workshops and lectures, she is also creator and CEO of Soul’s Journey Media, a new thought company that brings messages of spiritual enlightenment to an audience in over eighty countries worldwide. Lightworker: The Unique Souls Who Have Come to Heal the Planet is available now.