A new resource for indie-authors? Foozago books and the indie book event.

I came across Foozago Books: Indies while searching for indie book stores for my self-published non-fiction book. Then I came across them again on the discussion of Joel Friedlander’s (The Book Designer) post indie bookstores vs. indie publishers.

Basically they are a little amazon, but you have to print and send them your books. They’ll list them and give you 60%. Joel and others point out that this isn’t a great way to make money – and it isn’t, not in the long term. But in the beginning, it isn’t about money, it’s about exposure. It’s about being everywhere. And Melissa of Foozago Books (I’ve exchanged a few emails with her) is making a large effort to get some big things going in the world of indie publishing. Check out, for example, The 1st New York Indie Book Event or The Sunday Book Reviews. These sites are just starting out, so there’s no way to gauge whether or not they will be successful long term – but for the price of admission (3 books to be sold, and an optional $25 upgrade for twitter promotion) I’m willing to find out.

I like the design of the websites and I’m guessing others will too – maybe enough to swell the movement into something more powerful. If not I don’t lose much.

Have you had experiences of Foozago or similar indie-related bookstores or businesses? What did you think?

  • Hi Derek. Interesting – I’ll check out the sites you’ve mentioned.

    Just to mention quickly – we’re also starting out (beta site opening soon).

    Best regards

    Adam Charles