Author Interview: Will Granger

Hi! I’m the author of Anabar’s Run, book #1 in my Anabar Trilogy.

Sixteen-year-old Anabar has less than twelve hours to get to the capital city. This is the final test in his training to become a member of the Scouts, a band of ruthless swordsmen sworn to defend their nation. If he doesn’t make it, he will have to return to his farm, but that’s not the worst thing. His mentor, Omalof, wants the test to be as realistic as possible, so he reports Anabar as a dangerous criminal, and every soldier between him and the capital has orders to find and kill him.

ANABAR’S RUN is the story of a young man who dreams of leaving his isolated valley farm. While chasing his dream, he faces mountains and avalanches, bandits and bears, and months of brutal training. While physically tough enough to make it as a Scout, Anabar worries that he might not have the courage to fight and kill when called to do so. Despite this, he senses that he is destined to be a Scout, and is determined to make to the capital on time regardless of what he may be forced to do.

I have also answered some interview questions about me and my writing:

1. How did you come to self-publish? Did you try to get published

I finished my first two books, Anabar’s Run and Anabar Rises, last year, and I have been trying to find an agent willing to represent me. I have had some interest, but not an offer of representation. I read about the opportunities in self publishing today and got excited and decided publish and market Anabar’s Runas an EBook.

2. What self-publishing service did you use? Happy with the service?

Anabar’s Run is now available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, and Smashwords.com. All three were easy to use and offer plenty of assistance if I were to need it.

3. What avenues have you taken to market the book? Have you gotten
reviews, interviews, TV, print media coverage?

I have a blog at http://anabarauthor.blogspot.com/ I have also been actively posting Anabar’s run on sites such as Shelfari.com and Goodreads.com in order to get it recognized. In addition, Dave Wisehart interviewed be for his Kindle Author blog. You can find theinterview at http://kindle-author.blogspot.com/2011/03/kindle-author-interview-will-granger.html

4. What drove you to write this particular book?

I love stories about underdogs and I was drawn to the idea that anyone can be successful. It doesn’t take magic, or wealth. It takes effort. From these thoughts, I created Anabar, a very average young man with big dreams.

5. Is the book in any one particular genre? Is it a genre that’s familiar
to you?

I believe it is a young adult book, and think it is especially well suited for boys aged 10 – 13, although I do bring in a love interest in Anabar Rises that plays a major part in that story.

6. Who are your greatest writing influences?

I like writing that is clean and concise, so I have always enjoyed reading Hemmingway. I also have experience as a journalist, which helped me learn to write quickly and relatively cleanly, although I still need to spend plenty of time editing my work.

7. What’s your writing regimen? Any tips for keeping focused?

Last summer I followed a schedule where I got up early each day, usually by 7:00 a.m. and write for several hours. I am also a teacher, so I had time to devote to writing. During the school year, I still prefer to get up early and write before the sun comes up.

8. Would you self-publish again?

Definitely. I’m still learning about it, and I’m very excited by the opportunities in self publishing.

9. Any final words of advice for those looking to self-publish?

First write something you feel good about. Revise and proofread yourself before showing it to friends and family, and then go for it. Self publishing is easy at first, so get your book out there, and then work hard to market it. Anyone can do it.