The Perils of a Self-Publishing Author

Self-publishing isn’t exactly the newest game in town for me; I’ve already self-published two ebooks. However, this time it’s personal, and I just gambled everything I have on a talent and a genre.

Previously, I’ve written two free ebooks, which I use to promote Octane, my business. One is a beginner’s guide to social media (which is in need of an update), while the other is a guide to using WordPress for businesses.

So I’m not exactly the debutant self-publisher, and I have enjoyed reasonable success with the aforementioned ebooks. So what’s new? Now I’m writing science fiction and I hope to make some money from my jaunts and sojourns into the near future.

I had no intention of going down the traditional agent-publisher process, for a number of reasons, not least the fact that it’s a hugely difficult process with unbelievable friction. But most of all, I simply want to maintain control.

Since I’m new to self-publishing as an author of fiction, I really can’t tell you much from a preference perspective, but what I can tell you is that I’ve so far chosen Amazon Kindle and Lulu. And because of my already toned and rather shapely creative muscle, I’ve also designed the cover to Earth Day, too.

As for promotional activities, I plan on gathering reviews and interviews, though PR coverage is something I’ll explore later on, as this first book is just a short story and not worth a huge investment of time, money and effort, given the royalties I’ll earn from sales

I do have several other projects lined up, including a tetralogy, where much more effort will be brought to focus. So it’s best to think of Earth Day as an experiment, or a sacrifice to the monkey gods of self-publishing, if you will.

Earth Day came to me as something of a different take on a tired genre in science fiction, that of the alien invasion. All too often, we see the human race fend off the invading foe and save the day, which is just total nonsense. The fact is, we simply wouldn’t stand a chance. However, that’s not the important aspect, but merely a vehicle for the story. Instead, I have a twist at the end, which is both dark and light.

Motivation is something you either have or you don’t. I’m not entirely sure you can find or be tutored in motivation, since you have to want to do a thing. I enjoy the creative process, since Octane is a design agency, so it’s not as if I’m stretching myself too far, or venturing into foreign territories. Tips? I’m not easily distracted, and I don’t watch too much TV or listen to the radio at all, so I can focus very quickly and easily. The major “distraction” is Octane, which means major professional commitments.

For all those who’re considering self-publishing, time is either your enemy or ally. Be prepared to work hard, spend money (illustration, design, proofreading, copyediting et cetera) and pick yourself up each time you get knocked down.

Please, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask away!

  • Congratulations on your first publication as a fiction writer. I wish you the best of luck.

  • I think you’re fortunate, Wayne, in not being easily distracted. Neither am I. Every day I ask myself what I’m going to do, am doing, or have done to push my latest project forward. And I better come up with something significant, or it’s going to be a late and bumpy night. Best wishes with your fiction efforts.

  • Ron, thanks.

    12.5k words and 3 chapters into the new novel…

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