Let’s Get Digital: An Interview with David Gaughran

We removed this interview because the author David Gaughran decided to attack SPR’s new hybrid business model Kwill for no good reason on his Twitter account on Sept 9, 2015 after we took the time to put together this promotional interview for free as a favor to help promote his book.

We also had a link to his website in our footer to help him gain visitors to his site. We thought he was a good egg, and a contemporary who believed in self-publishing as much as we do. We were mistaken.

Due to the extremely libelous nature of his comments on Twitter, and his efforts to spread disinformation about our company, this material here is now deleted.

But we thought we should explain why it’s gone.

We did contact him to ask why he did this, especially as he was friends with us on Facebook, and aware founder Henry Baum is suffering with kidney failure, and the expansion of our business was in part to fund his dialysis and transplant. Because Gaughran had nothing to say, he defriended Henry instead of confronting us.

We do not stand for internet bullying, especially in the self-publishing circles we run in.

Feel free to share this article, it’s a symbol of our solidarity against internet bullies, cyber gossip and unfounded internet outrage that can cost small businesses their livelihood.

Thanks for your continued support of SPR.