Publishing Services Index

I want to announce a major addition to Self-Publishing Review: Mick Rooney’s self-publisher reviews (print on demand outfits, subsidy publishers, printers) are now housed on the site. He’s really the best writer on this subject working online, so it’s a great boon to the site. If you want more of his help, he’s recently put out To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish (Amazon link).

He’s also recently released the novel, The Memory of Trees (Amazon). Expect an interview here soon.

This is Mick Rooney’s Independent Publishing Magazine’s Publishing Services Index updated October 2011, grading publishing services from best to worst.


DIY – Do-it-yourself services
ASS – Author Solutions Services (Packages)
PUB – Also Offers Mainstream Contracts
PRT – Printer
FULL – Fulfillment Services provided

  • Henry, thank you adding Mick Rooney’s self-publisher reviews on the SPR website. Regarding the index included in this post, I have to say I enjoyed working with Lulu my first time around. Other first-time independent writers should consider them. But for many of us who can figure it out I think it’s clear Amazon’s CreateSpace is the way to go.