Review: Michael’s Reward by Mario Bernheim

Exceptional doesn’t even closely describe Michael’s Reward. In this thought-provoking, memorable book we meet Michael Whiley, God, and Lucifer. It’s a modern retelling of the Book of Job.

Michael has every material possession possible – a beautiful home, a boat, a lucrative job where he makes millions with bonuses every year, and a wonderful family. Can his faith continue if he loses all this opulence?

God thinks so, and He does not doubt Michael’s loss of faith if all his worldly possessions disappear.

Lucifer has a different opinion from God, but God gives him the go ahead to test Michael full force to see what will happen to Michael if his world falls apart. Lucifer causes one horrible incident after another in Michael’s life. Charles, Michael’s co-worker, is the target Lucifer uses to put his plan into action. Charles carries out his devious plan that Lucifer planted in his thoughts, and Charles thinks nothing of the havoc he knows may well transpire, but the more money he can get, the better for him, and he is undeterred.

These three main characters make the book suspenseful, thoughtful, and will make the reader rethink his or her beliefs and what one’s life really should be. As you follow Lucifer through his plan, you will realize that the saying: “Money is the root of all evil” is an accurate one. As one catastrophe after another befall Michael, you will read in suspense as you wait to see what happens next and how he reacts to these tragedies.

The author addresses faith, anguish, unbelievable nightmares, and questioning what could someone have done to deserve these problems. It is a book that will make you question your life’s choices. The book also discusses Lucifer and his entry into our lives to make us miserable, and test out faith.

Michael’s Reward made me wonder about life after death and why God really does make things happen. Is it because the person did something wrong or was it because that was just the way to make someone’s life better? It also had me concerned if something was going to happen to me and why I received this book to review. Did I need this book because something was going to happen to me, or did I receive the book so I would be able to help someone else? It was frightening and difficult to put down because of all this pondering.

I do have to say some of the things that occurred were a little extreme, but most are things that actually do happen and they’ll make you rethink your blessings and reevaluate what is important and what you truly do need in your life. It will also make you think about your true friends and how many people are only concerned about their own welfare once you aren’t in their league.

This quote definitely sums up the book’s premise: “Life is not about what we have, but who we are. And who we are can be tangibly measured by how we treat others.” Page 197.

You must read this book no matter what your faith. As you read it, you will also be more aware of your surroundings and those around you no matter where you might be. It will definitely make you reconsider how you are living your life. 5/5



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