Review: A Searcher Summoned by Perrin Pring

“The universe, as we know it, was created as a result of an exercise of thought.  In another dimension, far away from here…”

Do you feel like escaping into a new world?  Perrin Pring’s world in A Searcher Summoned (The Ryo Myths) is filled with lossals, ringers, zombies, dream searchers, Eoans, Afortiori, and the Chozen.

Before the universe was created, the Eoans and the Afortiori were one.  They were not human, but clouds of raw elements.   They constructed the universe as a challenge.  The introduction of free will drastically changed the fate of the universe.  Some of the Eoans developed a conscience.  When they brought the universe into existence, the notion was that the Eoans would step back and observe.  However, not everyone wanted to be mere observers.   Where was the fun in that?   The Eoans split into two groups, the Eoans and the Afortiori.  The Afortiori believed that it was their right to continue to maneuver the universe they created.  This division ended up in war and the Afortiori were beaten and stripped of their powers to create.  They became mortal.  The Eoans  didn’t want to be worshipped like gods.  The Afortiori wanted complete control.  Slowly they started to take over planets in the universe and forced the inhabitants into slavery.

To protect the universe from the Afortiori, the Eoans created the Chozen.  This fail safe went wrong and now there is only one Chozen left in the entire universe.  And it is Filion’s job to find her and to rescue her from the Afortiori.

There is one problem.  Filion is used to working in his room.  As a dream searcher he only invades people’s dreams.  He doesn’t go out into the field and enter battle.  The Eoans summon him and now Filion has to leave the comfy confines of his room and rescue the universe’s last hope, the Chozen named Ryo, and save everyone from complete enslavement.  How is this possible?  He’s never killed anything and he’s only used a gun in the dream world.  Fortunately for Filion, he meets Captain Eri.  She is a gutsy pilot who has a crew of two, who are talented, but not always well-behaved.  Can this misfit group of four save Ryo and ultimately save the universe?   To make matters worse, they have to rescue Ryo from a Black Planet, which is already under Afortiori control.

Perrin Pring’s novel is a delightful escape into a new world.  She uses well-known concepts from other science fiction and fantasy writers and puts an entirely new spin on them.   The universe she created and the characters that she developed hooked me completely.  Just when I thought the use of zombies was overdone, Pring brought them back to life in a new and exciting fashion.  I believe that avid readers of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure novels will get a kick out of A Searcher Summoned (The Ryo Myths).

My one complaint about the novel was that at times it seemed a little long.  However, patience has never been my strong suit and I was dying to know the end.  All of the author’s twists and turns, while they seemed like torture at points, were excellent and added to the buildup of anticipation.

Perrin Prings was born and raised in Colorado.  As a child, she had an active imagination and was always saving the world in her own mind.  A Searcher Summoned (The Ryo Myths) is the first book in what I hope will be a long and successful series for the author.  I know I will be eagerly anticipating the next installment in this series and I will be keeping an eye on this fresh talent.  I give her novel 4.5 stars out of 5.  If you like science fiction, fantasy, and adventure, I would recommend this novel.  I will warn you though, make sure your calendar is free.  I couldn’t put it down.