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EZBuyButton.com Launches a Free “Buy Book” Widget for Authors and Publishers

My name is Jay Siva, the founder of EZBuyButton.com. The EZBuyButton widget is the most advanced ‘buy now’ widget for selling books. We make it free for authors and publishers, worldwide, to quickly and easily create and use our EZBuyButton widget to place on their website or blog to immediately increase the sales of their books, especially if their books are listed for sale in more than one retail store.

The EZBuyButton widget was inspired by my own frustration as a self published author who listed my book for sale with multiple online retail stores. I worked so hard to bring visitors (my potential book buyers) to my author website/blog where I promoted my books, only to find out that somewhere along the sales flow/process I was losing my potential book readers. In fact my sales were dismal, and my conversion rates were not even worth mentioning.

I hardly slept for months, thinking I just had to improve my website somehow. I have to bring more traffic, write more quality blog posts, start engaging with my potential readers over twitter by tweeting more often. I did all that, and granted my visitors increased, but I still didn’t understand why my sales were so poor.

Using Google Analytics to track my website traffic I knew I was getting a good healthy flow of highly targeted visitors who were interested in the kinds of books I self publish. I kept asking myself why then do I not see any improvement in sales? So then I started looking very closely at my visitor flow and how they behave on my website/blog, and I was able to pinpoint exactly where I lost my visitors in the whole sales process. It was exactly at the point of asking my visitor to buy my book. This realization pointed me to the bigger problem.

I discovered, that my visitors, my potential book buyers, were not given any choices when it came to buying my book. With all the new technology of tablets, eReaders, and smart phones out there it only made sense that the book buyer today wants more choice when it comes to how and where they’d like to purchase and enjoy a nice read. Not only was I denying my potential book buyer of choices, I was also turning away my international visitors. My visitor stats told me that a huge percentage of my traffic were coming from the UK, yet I didn’t cater my ‘buy now’ links to any of the UK retailers that also sold my book. So therein lies the problem, not only for me, but for all the other indie authors like me, who promote their books from their blog or website.

I scoured the Internet, looking and hoping someone had a solution for me. Surely, someone somewhere would have identified this problem, and provided a nice neat solution for all us independent authors to use, without us having to know or write any html, coding, or use software. The sad fact is, there was absolutely nothing, nothing even came close to what I needed to fix this problem. So when there was no solution, I decided to create the solution, not only for me to use, but for all authors.

Eureka! The EZBuyButton widget was created. There were literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of testing and tweaking to get it right, and we’re continually improving our widget as we get feedback from authors like you. The moment I started using the EZBuyButton widget on my author website, my sales showed a dramatic increase, my conversion rates tripled. Using the EZBuyButton widget absolutely makes sense for any author or publisher who has their book listed in more than one retail store and promotes their books on their website or blog. This widget gives you a laser targeted method of transitioning your website visitor into a book buyer almost seamlessly.

So that’s my story! I encourage you to visit EZBuyButton.com and sign up to create your EZBuyButton widget for your books, it’s absolutely free, quick, and easy to do.

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