Reminder: You Can Post Here

I was reminded by Todd Keisling’s post as part of his book tour that people are not using the “Write a Post” feature here as much as they could be. It’d be great to see other writers use this option as part of their tours, or general promotion – you don’t even need to ask, just sign up.

SPR’s got a 5 page rank, which is pretty good.

What this means is if you link to your author site, or book page, this site sends your site a lot of link authority. This will help your site rank better in Google. Even if the post doesn’t make it to the featured articles on the front page, it’ll still rank well. While on that subject, the links in the directory are also Do Follow (good for Google).

This isn’t just a way for the site to get free content (well, not totally), it’s also a way for self-publishers to promote themselves, free and easy.  You can cross-post something you’ve written from your own site if you like. See here for complete instructions on adding a post.