ADAP Offers Ebook Advertisement Money for Authors

BookIM is announcing the launch of ADAP, eBook Advertising for Authors and Independent Publishers. ADAP is a new ebook advertisement program that is sensitive to the needs of authors and readers while creating new revenue opportunities for authors. Being an author, I know that the thought of adding ebook advertisements to a novel is anathema to most authors. Mention ebook advertisements to any author and you’ll receive in return an out pouring of emotional vitriol about the subject. However; convergence continues to hammer book publishers and authors are facing some serious diminishing returns when they inspect their royalty checks. And with publishers providing less money for expenses authors have to dig deep into their own pockets to cover the costs of marketing, editing and artwork for their novels.

Advertising may indeed be compared to a Pandora’s Box but like it or not ebook advertisements are coming with Amazon adding ads to their latest ebook reader and with Microsoft filing a contextual ebook advertisement patent in 2012. Keep in mind at the same time Microsoft has also invested over $300 million with Barnes and Noble. And they are not alone! Many technology firms are registering patents for new ebook advertising technology that would add some serious new revenue to their bottom-line while leaving both the readers and the authors out in the cold. I did some of this research myself—by the way you need to look under electronic book advertisements—and discovered that these technology firms have been very busy filing with the US Patent Office over the past couple of years.

Having spent eight plus years as a self-publishing author I understand these issues and felt that I was in a unique position to create an ebook advertisement program that was sensitive to the author’s concerns. Authors want to be in control of the “who, what, where and when” regarding advertisements in their ebook novels. That means retaining control over the type of ads, how many and where they can be placed within their creation. With ARPE (Author-Reader Preference Engine) authors have this type of control over ebook ads and with their participation in the program the authors also get a much needed monthly commission check.

So besides being an author what else qualifies me for this exciting but definitely challenging task? I have years of experience as a Software Application Product Manager and I have developed numerous applications with revenues totaling tens of millions of dollars annually. I have led these development cycles to a successful conclusion and furthermore; I have already secured a team to develop the necessary ADAP cloud technology. Equally important; I have advertising partners in place as well to provide the revenue stream necessary to implement the ADAP program. All we need now are for the authors to join this program!

At BookIM we want to change the direction that ebook retailers are taking with the industry and with ADAP the majority of the advertising revenue goes directly to the author. In addition to working with self-publishing authors the ADAP Affiliate program also allows independent publishers and the like to participate in this important program. Below is a link to the recent CBS News press release regarding ADAP and the ongoing Indiegogo campaign.

Launch is scheduled for May of this year so please give us a call and give us your feedback regarding this program!

Cheers, Erik John Bertel,
Founder of ADAP and BookIM.org

Press Release: http://markets.cbsnews.com/cbsnews/news/read/23611144/BookIM.org_Introduces_ADAP

Indiegogo Campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/adap-cash-for-authors-freedom-for-readers