WordPress Bookstore Plugin: MyBookTable

If you’re using WordPress (.org), this plugin is somewhat useful, but could be a lot more useful. It streamlines something that doesn’t necessarily need to be streamlined, but it is a useful organizational tool if you’ve got a lot of books to manage.

If you’re already using WordPress and made a blog page for a book, the system for adding a book’s details and bookstore links is pretty straight forward. Here’s how I’ve done it. Those buy links could perhaps be better organized. But the process of putting together that post is straight forward: add details and images. MyBookTable simplifies it with different options:

Here’s how it looks in action. The plugin claims better SEO for your book’s page than native WordPress, but I use a separate SEO plugin for that. And unfortunately, the plugin is mainly set up for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Audible right now. Even the pay version doesn’t have smaller stores. Needs a lot more in the ebook universe.

The way this plugin could be more useful is for an author with 50+ books or, more likely, a publisher who needs to organize 50 different authors with 10 books each. But for the average self-publisher, probably not so much, unless you’re an organization and WP plugin hound (which I am, admittedly.)

Check it out here.

A bit more about the plugin:

  • Thanks for this article, this is just the plugin i was looking trying to find for my next project.