Self-Publishing Comic Books

One facet to self-publishing we at SPR have never really touched on is the potential for self-publishing comic books. We met three interesting self-publishers at San Diego Comic Fest whose comic books are highly entertaining, and use a slightly different model to fiction paperback self-publishers – a lot of selling is done at conventions, in shops and on their own websites as a result of their offline marketing – maybe there is something to be learned here for paperback writers!

Read on for info and free books!

Little Vampires.com is a highly amusing take on the vampire legend, authored by Rebecca Hicks and her husband James.

There’s a whole “Bleh” series based on well-known movies such as “The Fellowship of the Bleh”.

She even runs a cottage industry making pins and hair brooches!

 Brad Diller is a cartoonist from Reno who has worked in funnies for years and now produces his own cartoon books under the title Funday Morning. You can catch him on Facebook here or buy his books here.

Jeff Pina was there with his book, Dr Oblivion’s Guide To Teenage Dating, as well as his new comic book, Imaginatives, both of which are free here. You can also find him on Facebook.