Review: The Divine Manual by Dr. Wallace Ching

The Divine ManualAre you having issues in your life? Do you feel stuck in your career? Marital problems? Do you work hard, but you can never make ends meet? These are just a few examples of what could be going haywire in your life. Dr. Wallace Ching’s book, The Divine Manual: A Holistic Approach to Raise your Consciousness, Resolve your Karma and Fulfill Your Life Missions may be just what you’re looking for. In fact, this book could change your life.

What helps this book’s credibility is that Wallace Ching isn’t just an author spouting things he’s learned from others. He’s been there and done that. Dr. Ching grew up in Hong Kong. He graduated from Oxford University and then obtained a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. After finishing school he landed a successful job in the finance and banking industry. Many people would think he had it made. However, not all was right in his life. Even though he made plenty of money, he could never keep a hold of it. To make matters worse, Dr. Ching was in a horrible marriage and his health wasn’t great.

Then Wallace Ching experienced what he labels two wake-up calls. These initiated his awakening process. In this book, he outlines the spiritual lessons that he learned and used so others can also experience their own awakening process.

If you are unfamiliar with New Age theories don’t fret, this book is perfect for a beginner. Dr. Ching provides step-by-step instructions for readers to follow. Yes, some of the methods may sound foreign to a novice, but he guides the reader slowly and methodically.

What about readers who have a basic idea, but aren’t sure how to piece together all the different branches of New Age practices and theories? Again, this book will help intermediate readers to select approaches that Dr. Ching has found most helpful and ones that he uses in his own life.

The book’s goal is to provide a plan for readers to implement at their own pace in order to discover their own Divine Path. Once achieving this, Dr. Ching states readers will find that Life Challenges won’t seem too daunting or they may recede completely.

Some readers may struggle with certain concepts such as karma, pre-life plans, life missions, divine nudges, and wake-up calls. Again, Dr. Ching stresses that it’s important to keep an open mind.

My suggestion to you is to remain open-minded and exploratory. You can finish reading this book and decide for yourself what is {sic} to believe.

And he firmly believes that if the reader can accept and learn about these concepts, he or she will greatly benefit. More than likely, if you are thinking of buying this book, your life isn’t where you want it to be. This book may be the stepping-stone you’re looking for to getting your life back on track and it may provide you with answers as to how and why things happen in your life.

The Divine Manual is over 300 pages, but it is not a comprehensive look at all the different type of New Age techniques. Dr. Ching directs readers to other texts throughout the book that may provide more answers to certain methods and beliefs. While the plan he puts forth is easy to understand, he does touch on many more topics and these references are handy for the inquisitive reader who wants to know more. In addition, there is a helpful “Recommended Reading Appendix”.

The Divine Manual is a handy guide for those willing to explore methods outside Western beliefs and practices. If you want to live a peaceful and happy life, this book might be the best starting point for you.

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