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Self-Publishing Services Ranking 2014

The Independent Publishing Magazine has ranked self-publishing firms for 2014.



DIY – Do-it-yourself bespoke services
ASS – Author Solutions Services (Packages) – May also include Partnership publishing programs
PUB – Also offers Mainstream Contracts or is a service imprint of a traditional publishing house
PRT – Printer (primarily a printer with some additional but limited services)
FULL – Fulfilment Services provided for distribution logistics, warehousing of stock (including supply to wholesaler and retailers)

See more at: http://www.theindependentpublishingmagazine.com/2014/01/publishing-service-index-february-2014.html#sthash.5CM9nntF.dpuf

  • Meera Patel

    Hi, On what basis were these Self Publishing companies ranked? Because not a single one of them have sensible marketing services.

    • Henry Baum

      They’re ranked more on cost/quality of books than marketing. See the link at the bottom of the post for his methodology.