Jabujicaba by Rosa da Silva

Here’s a book that will save the rainforest!

bookA young journalist Carmen Macedo finds herself on an assignment to uncover corrupt land deals in the Brazilian Amazon. The investigation takes her back to her roots, forcing her to confront painful memories from her childhood and inspiring her to make an emotional connection with the jungle and the legendary fruit of the Jabujicaba tree. The e-book, Jabujicaba, paints a sensuous picture of a living, breathing rainforest, a place filled with life, colour and the potential to save lives, but one that is at the mercy of those who would exploit it.The mysterious Braga guides Carmen on her journey, and in the heat and humidity of the rainforest she finds herself in the company of former friends and lovers of her mother, members of the Forest Liberation Front and a sinister character Fonseca who works for the Forestry Police.

With its closely woven plot, charismatic characters and sense of impending danger, the book is a page turner. An eco-thriller, the book brings environmental issues to life in a way that a worthier tome about rainforest conservation might fail to do. And, along with its Indiana Jones style setting and characters, Jabujicaba has the potential to communicate serious conservation issues to a general audience.

The book can be downloaded free with donations going to World Land Trust (WLT). If you download the free book, please consider making a donation to WLT via the links on the Jabujicaba website