Book Profits for Charity

I am a clinical psychologist who has been practicing in Santa Monica, California for 45 years. I have written five books, the most recent of which was published this year, Living Life From the Inside Out: Who You Are Matters (I will describe this book in a subsequent post.) Now that I am in my 75th year of life, I no longer practice in order to earn a living. I do it simply because I love what I do.  It is now time for me to focus on giving back, examine my legacy, and put more energy into making a difference in this world.

In this spirit I am attempting to develop a “book profits for charity foundation” using the profits  from all five of my books to fund the foundation. I have developed a website for this purpose: www.bookprofitsforcharity.com.  At present the two charities to which I am donating my profits are: Make A Wish Foundation (www.wish.org) and Chrysalis: Changing Lives Through Jobs.  I am contacting authors who may wish to participate in this charitable project; if you are one or know of someone who might be interested, please contact me.

I know there are many authors who are not publishing for profit. They may be publishing their books for professional advancement, because they have something to say, or simply want to make a contribution with their ideas or stories.  Their books may be out of print. At a nominal cost these books can be made available through print on demand services. In order to participate you must be willing to pledge the profits from any book posted on this website to charity (www.bookprofitsforcharity.com).

What I need to do now is to publicize my books in order to get the ball rolling.  If you have suggestions, wish to participate, want to write a review of the new book, or want to learn more about me, please visit my website, http://www.dreyfusbooks.net.