The Alliance of Independent Authors Petition for Self-Publishers

Alliance of Independent Authors The Alliance of Independent Authors has set up a Change.org campaign advocating for self-publisher’s rights. Here’s the letter to sign:

American Booksellers Association
UK Booksellers Association
Canadian Booksellers Association
Australian Booksellers Association
Literary Festivals & Events
Book Reviewers & Reviews

I, and the Alliance of Independent Authors, urge you to find ways to include self-publishing writers as a matter of priority.

As you know, more and more writers are turning to self-publishing and many such authors are producing work of proven value to readers.

While recognising that there are challenges in incorporating such writers, it has become a necessity, if book stores, libraries, literary events and reviewers are to be inclusive of writers. And fully serving readers.

I trust you will give this matter the attention it deserves.

With thanks,

[Your name]

Founder Orna Ross writes:

The books infrastructure lags behind the reality that is this vibrant sector of the literary community. Self-publishers regularly find their books excluded from all sorts of opportunities, often on dubious grounds….The campaign was formed from a belief: that the wider world of books, be it libraries, bookshops, literary festivals, reviewers or professional associations and institutions, can only benefit from including author-publishers.

Sign away!

  • DED

    Good luck with that, ALLi. I think that when the marketplace demands that they give indie books their due is when they’ll change. And that will take the form of declining revenue. Color me cynical, but money, not petitions, will drive this.