An Interview With Author Elaine Bassett

Elaine Bassett
Elaine Bassett

An interview with Elaine Bassett, author of The Xidoran Prophecy and Return of the Clonsayee.

Tell us about your book.

The Xidoran Prophecy is the first book in the young adult series that I am currently writing.  It’s about the extraordinary adventures of Charles Brookfield.  In this book, Charles is a typical teenage boy who has grown up helping out around his grandparent’s farm.  On Charles’ fifteenth birthday, his grandparents reveal to him that they have a secret.  They belong to an elite group of time travelers and coin collectors called Sojourners.  Those who belong to this elite group are able to travel to Bridgeiro, a strange colonized world in another galaxy.  Over this remarkable summer, Charles travels back and forth between the two worlds as he continues to learn more about his new circumstances and a mysterious game that Sojourners play involving interplanetary travel.  During this time he’s fortunate enough to be granted an opportunity of a lifetime by the Sojourner government.  Unbeknownst to Charles, he is being groomed to save the universe from the dark netherworld forces trying to enslave it.

How did you come to self-publish?  Did you try to get published traditionally?

I’ve never explored being published by a traditional publisher.  A friend mentioned that I could publish my work.  I researched my options and found that it made sense to self-publish my series.

What self-publishing service did you use?  Happy with the service?

Even though I own my own publishing company, I have utilized BookBaby’s services to distribute my eBooks to retailers around the world.

What avenues have you taken to market the book?  Have you gotten reviews, interviews, TV, print media coverage?

Currently the only marketing campaign I have participated in has been with Margaret Brown’s electronic magazines, Shelf Unbound and Middle Shelf.  I’ve had a great experience working with Margaret.  I’ll continue to do marketing campaigns with her company in the future.

This interview with SPR is the first interview that I have given. I’ve received professional reviews from Self-Publishing Review and Kirkus Indie.  I’m currently waiting on reviews for both of my books from BlueInk Review.

What drove you to write this particular book?

I’ve always been fascinated with the sea of stars and constellations in the night sky.  When I was five years old, I remember coming home from my grandparent’s house and looking up at the stars.  I wondered if maybe someone or something was out there in the universe doing the exact same thing I was at that moment, looking up to heavens.  I began asking questions and was disappointed when I learned that life on other planets hadn’t been discovered.  I couldn’t believe that with the multitude of stars in the universe that we are alone.   I asked for a telescope for my birthday and I waited anxiously until there was a full moon.  When I looked through the lens at the moon, I was so excited and inspired!  At that moment, a simple version of the Xidoran Prophecy story was created in my young imagination.  Through the years the story has evolved from a five year old perspective to what it is today.  It’s always been a dream of mine to have the time and opportunity to write my childhood story.  Now with the support of my family, the dream is coming true.

Is the book in one particular genre?  

The Xidoran Prophecy is a science-fiction/fantasy young adult novel.

Who are your greatest writing influences? 

My greatest writing influence is C.S. Lewis.  I enjoyed reading The Chronicles of Narnia.  His work made a lasting impression on me.  I love the enchanted realm he created with all of its wonder and magic.  When it was time for me to write my series, I wanted to try to express my story in such a way that the entire family could read and enjoy it just as C.S. Lewis was able to do so eloquently.

What is your writing regimen?  Any tips for keeping focused?

I write every day.  The amount of time I spend writing varies daily.  I have young children at home who are my first priority.  The most productive writing times for me are during the day when they are at school or at night when they are tucked in bed asleep.  My personal goal is a minimum of two chapters a day.  Often if I have the time I will get carried away and write much more than that.  If I don’t have enough time to get involved with one of my novels then I work on lyrics or poetry.  When I’m not sitting at my desk in my office or I’m away from home, I have a small notebook that I keep with me at all times.  Anytime a thought comes to me, I jot it down so that I can come back to it later when I have more time. Outlining the chapters of my books in advance of writing helps to keep me focused.

Would you self-publish again?

Absolutely, I will continue to self-publish my novels, novellas, lyrics and any children’s literature that I write.

Any final words for those looking to self-publish?  

When you get to the point that you’re ready to release your work, it’s an exciting time for any author!   The best advice is to research your options thoroughly and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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