Review: Galadria: Peter Huddleston and the Knights of the Leaf by Miguel Lopez de Leon

Galadria 3 ReviewThe final book in the Galadria fantasy trilogy is the shortest of the three novels but it packs quite the punch. Galadria: Peter Huddleston and the Knights of the Leaf starts right where the author left the readers hanging in the sequel. The previous book ended abruptly with a powerful cliffhanger, abandoning Peter in the midst of a battle with Knor of the House of Shadowray.

In book three, Peter and his grandfather are sent by Queen Gillian to seek aid from the Knights of the Leaf. Will Peter and his grandfather be able to convince serpent priestesses, knights, paper thin warriors, and other magical creatures and weapons to join forces with the queen and defend the golden realm from its enemies who will stop at nothing to wrest control from Queen Gillian?

Miguel Lopez de Leon ends the trilogy with a bang. Right from the first page there’s action, intrigue, and suspense and it doesn’t let up until the end. Young readers will be enthralled by the magical world and creatures of the Knights of the Leaf. The author’s imagination and storytelling skills are front and center in book three and many readers may demand that he continue the story.

In the previous books, Peter had to face obstacles and challenges, but most pale in comparison to what he faces in The Knights of the Leaf. Each book in the series has developed his character nicely and it’s wonderful to have such a great role model for young readers. Peter has to rely on his wit, inner strength, family, and friends. More importantly, he has to dig deep to find the courage to deal with the greatest challenge of all, war with Knor of the House of Shadowray.

Once again, the writing in this book is superb and the story is fast paced and action packed. The best aspect of this book in the series is the groove the author finds in describing the fantasy world. He introduces many different magical creatures and weapons, yet his descriptions bring them to life and won’t leave many readers scratching their heads. Instead they’ll be too immersed in the story and many won’t want to stop until they find out how it concludes.

Many of the lingering questions from book one and two are masterfully answered and Miguel Lopez de Leon demonstrates that not only does he have a mastery over this fantasy world but he has the ability to create new worlds and characters that will captivate young minds all over again. It’s exciting to find a new author who seems to have an endless imagination and who can create lovable characters to cheer for and dastardly villains to root against.

Now that this trilogy has come to a satisfactory and exciting end, many fans may wonder what the author has in store for his readers. Hopefully he has something in the works and doesn’t leave us all hanging for too long. This is definitely an author to keep an eye on.

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