Review: Galadria: Peter Huddleston & the Mists of the Three Lakes by Miguel Lopez de Leon

Galadria 2 RevewThe second book in the  Galadria fantasy trilogy, Galadria: Peter Huddleston & the Mists of the Three Lakes, follows Peter on more thrilling adventures. It starts off with Peter back at home with his father and stepmom. Once again Peter is in trouble with his stepmom and her nosy friends. Luckily for Peter, summer is upon him and soon he’ll be heading back to Hillside Manor, where he’ll continue his studies with his tutors to learn more about the golden realm of Galadria.

In The Mists of the Three Lakes, Peter has to face different challenges, including attending Supreme Council Meetings, discovering more about Hillside Manor, conducting press conferences, and visiting Galadria. And of course, Knor of the House of Shadowray is still threatening the throne and wants to seize power for himself by any means necessary.

While the challenges in this novel revolve mainly around political issues, the story will still engage young readers since the protagonist is only a child. It is surprising that the author spent much time discussing political maneuverings, such as preparing for a press conference, instead of focusing on the fantasy world of Galadria. Granted, Peter is preparing to take over the throne, but he is only a child, even though he acts much wiser than his age.

Sequels in trilogies are tricky to manage. They have to build upon the foundation set in the first novel and not give too much away for the final bit of the story. More often than not, the action slows down drastically in the beginning, to revisit what has already happened, expound on the history, and lay the framework for the final book.  This book follows this pattern.

Luckily the quirky characters help push the story along. And Peter is such a likable character that it’s easy to get sucked into his daily life as he prepares to be introduced to the people he will rule over in the future. The action in the beginning is tamer but still has suspense since many readers will want to know if Peter will succeed or fail as a political leader. He’s under a lot of pressure and it’s easy to forget that he’s only a boy. Many adults wouldn’t be able to handle all of the delicate situations with Peter’s grace and dignity.

Near the end of the story, the action builds dramatically and there are times when it’s nearly impossible to set it down. And then it ends right in the midst of everything. While the first book wrapped up nicely, this book has a major cliffhanger. Luckily for readers, the third book is already available since it’s nearly impossible not to start the final book right away. Not only will readers want to find out what happens next, but the twists and turns will shock many, compelling them to continue without delay.

The only disappointment is knowing that there is only one book left in this marvelous series. Young readers, families, and some adults who haven’t lost touch with the kid inside them will fall in love with this fantasy series. It’s a real treat to discover such a likable character placed into an imaginative magical world. This author shows much promise and hopefully he has more stories to share.

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