Homeless Hero: Understanding the Soul of Home by Mike Tapscott

Homeless Hero: Understanding the Soul of Home  Written from an inside perspective, Homeless Hero: Understanding the Soul of Home aims to explore the issue of homelessness, not ‘what went wrong’ in the decisions and events that lead to becoming homeless, but instead what differences – and similarities – there are between the way those who have and have not experienced homelessness think. Tapscott does this partly through his own exploration into work with homeless clients and his first real interactions with homeless people in general, and partly through his interviews and conversations with those around him.

Journaling his experiences, Tapscott questions the ideals of those who live without a roof over their heads and the journeys they end up taking because of it, the trials and the lessons learned by the successes and failures they have and will have to endure.

The result is a vibrant and emotional book that affords the issue with the complexity and reality it deserves, not leading with pity or focusing on the normality of life with a home but exploring the meanings behind each lifestyle, as well as the day-to-day life of those behind and using social services. As a narrative on society as well as humanity, the book does a wonderful job of involving the reader and leading them through different lives in a sincere and sometimes raw way, and perfect for anyone who wants to become more aware of America’s homelessness issue at ‘ground zero.’

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Grand Prize Winner of the 2014 Great Southwest Book Festival