Online Editing Resources That You Must Try

Every writer tries to write every day even if they experience a bad case of constant writer’s block. Crafting contents which can pique reader’s interest instantly is already a challenging task. However, apart from writing, there is an important skill that all writers must learn to develop. It is editing or proofreading their own work.

Some writers think like they don’t need to worry about their spelling and grammar. They believe that it is their editor’s job to pick up spelling mistakes and some basic grammar problems on their written work. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s also the writer’s job to proofread their writing before forwarding it into the editing phase.

To make your content error-free and save your time in editing, here are some useful online editing resources that you can try:

1. Grammarly.com

For an automated proofreader and grammar checker, Grammarly scores high for accuracy. This tool’s interface is modern and very easy to use. It ensures that all words in your content are spelled correctly by checking the spelling across to their vast database. Apart from that, it will also check if your material is comprehensible through analyzing the nouns, conjunctions, and particles used in your writing. Another special features of this tool are it checks word usage, can identify plagiarism, and provide useful feedback to help users learn more about grammar and writing styles.

2. Gingersoftware.com

Ginger software is one of the free proofreading online tools you can easily find on the web that helps you polish your works. Although this is not as popular as other editing resources, still, it is making a good reputation when it comes to checking and correcting grammar mistakes. This tool is available both in desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, ginger also comes along with interesting features and proofreading capabilities.

3. Polishmywriting.com

Polishmywriting is a free tool which doesn’t require registration. This tool is efficient in identifying misspelled words, passive phrases, cliche, and grammar mistakes. All you need to do is copy and paste your content into the page and click the “check writing” button. All the errors found on your writing will be displayed immediately in three colors. Red is for spelling mistakes while blue is for writing suggestion and green is for grammatical errors.

4. Bestessays.com

For people who struggles a lot with spelling and major grammar issues, this writing service will provide you professional writing and editing assistance. Spend less time editing your material and allow professional editors to elevate the quality and style of your writing. To achieve a flaw-free writing material, this site will make your editing phase less daunting.

5. Languagetool.org

This free online proofreading service have grammar correction available for more than 20 languages. It also has amazing special features though not many but still it guarantees absolute grammar check. According to some reviews, languagetool can able to detect writing mistakes that most of other proofreading programs online cannot.

Although these editing tools are useful for basic error-checking, you must not forget that asking somebody else to read and proofread your work will make your work better. Remember, automated proofreading/ editing software is good but manual proofreading is still best done by humans.