Love Poems: Are You The One? by Steve Ryan

Love Poems: Are You The One? by Steve RyanLove Poems: Are You The One? by Georgia-based poet and musician Steve Ryan is a collection of contemporary poetry on the subject of love, starting with infatuation and moving through every emotion thereon, including loss. Written in an accessible way, the poems seek to answer the questions of the heart within its words, touching on a very wide range of subjects without being too heavy or confusing to those looking for romantic inspiration. The poems seem to come from a personal place with their profundity, exposing the common components of human relationships viewed from many angles, written almost lyric-like given Ryan’s musical background.

The book is an excellent and sometimes powerful read, full of positive energy even when discussing the hopelessness, emptiness, and the seriousness of love. It provides a great source of inspiration for anyone who is experiencing or has experienced these feelings, and guidance for those having difficulties. Whether its the initial nerves of the chance at love, or the deeper question of what a person could mean to you, the spectrum of romantic possibilities is explored across nearly fifty poems – and what’s more, in the spirit of indie publishing, Ryan also makes rather accomplished music, offered on his site.

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