New All-In-One Indie Author Toolbar From SPR is Completely Free

Self-Publishing Review has designed an all-in-one toolbar for indie authors – and it’s completely free with no signup, membership or ads!

Indie Author Toolbar

The toolbar is a series of resources for self-publishers to get started with book creation, editing, cover design and promotion, featuring our recommended services out there today.

We have included Amazon and Goodreads reviewer lists, templates, advice and even some links to free how-to books, as well as buttons to add anything to your Amazon wishlist or Twitter account with one click, as well as being able to check your Gmail without going to another page.

To install the toolbar, just follow this link and click “install”. The bar will show up on your internet browser when you restart. We will update the bar from time to time to give you more links and features, and this will update automatically.

The toolbar is powered by Alexa, an Amazon company.