Review: Sated by Truth Devour

satedElectric pulses of pleasure landscaped their bodies when they touched. Staring into each other’s eyes they quietly appreciated the flux of emotions activating every synapse. Talia had been waiting her whole life to find the one, while Bodhi always knew she was. Their connection was divined and equally fated with the twists of challenge set to test their devotion to love one another. A warm embrace to them represented an unspoken promise of forever. Within each others hearts they were finally home.

Sated is the final book in Truth Devour’s romantic trilogy. Please note that if you haven’t read the first (Wantin) or second book (Unrequited), this review will contain spoilers. In the first two books, Talia Jacobs was on a spiritual journey while at the same time she was seeking her soul mate. At the end of Unrequited, the man she’s been dreaming of and looking for enters her life.

At first everything seems to fall together for the couple. Yet nothing in Talia’s life has been easy and no relationship is perfect. Once again Talia is tested and she seeks spiritual guidance to help find her way.

Just like the two previous novels in this series, the author sends her character on an emotional roller coaster. There are twists and turns and at times it’s hard to remember where the entire story started. The author has a wonderful way of creating scenarios that will make readers cheer, cry, gasp, laugh, shake their head, and cheer some more. All of the books are emotional reads and are hard to put down.

What makes this series special is the main character. Talia is an enchanting character. In the previous books the supporting cast is good but all the focus is on Talia. In this book the author introduces a new character, named Mable, who almost steals the show. Mable isn’t included in the story to rival Talia. In fact she’s inserted to nudge Talia in the right direction. Even with her brief appearances she will more than likely win over quite a few readers. Some may even wish they knew Mable in real life. It’s always a pleasure to come across a character that has such an impact.

While this novel is just as exciting and intoxicating as the previous two it probably could have been edited a bit more. This is the longest of the three and it feels longer towards the end. It shouldn’t feel that way. Some of the scenes aren’t really necessary to move the story forward. It’s almost like the author spent so much time building up the relationship between Talia and Bodhi she wanted to spend more time with them before continuing with Talia’s journey. While these scenes may seem superfluous they aren’t boring and in fact some may riot if the author took them out in a future edition.

Many won’t be let down by the ending of this story and some may not believe that it’s over completely since the author left a few plot threads open. Does the author want the characters to live on in the reader’s mind or does she plan on revisiting Talia in the new future? Only time will tell. Many may demand that Devour continue sharing Talia’s journey so they won’t have to say goodbye to such a charming character.

Please note that are mature scenes and language in this novel.

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