Eternity Shattered by Gideon L. Thomas

Eternity ShatteredEternity Shattered is the debut novel of author Gideon L. Thomas.  It is a science fiction/action/military adventure that takes place in a galaxy populated by anthropomorphic animals.  The plot follows the desperate adventures of the elite Seraph Corps, a black ops unit made up of the most skilled pilots in the galaxy.

The protagonist, Kuraio Solunar, captain of the now disbanded Seraph Corps, is all too happy to hang up his wings, lay down his weapons, and raise a family with his wife.  He’s done his duty and fought through one bloody war already, and he’s content to live the rest of his days in peace.  Xorian forces under the command of Emperor Anderson are on the move again, however, and this time the crazed Emperor is targeting the Seraph Corps’ leader directly.  In a tragic moment, Kuraio’s wife and unborn child are killed in an explosion meant for him.  Now, it is up to Kuraio to use an ancient artifact of immense power to turn back time, save his family, and counter the Xorian menace.

But the Xorians are soon revealed as a minor nuisance when it is discovered that a far more terrible threat lurks behind the power of the artifact, and an enemy from Kuraio’s past has harnessed it.  Xorian tyranny is the least of the Seraph Corps’ problems when the fate of the universe is at stake…