Pinterest Saved My Marriage by Lisa Maggiore

Pinterest marriage“Pinterest Saved My Marriage” is the tender and amusing story about a dissolving marriage. Jack, obsessed with work but very successful, has been neglecting his wife and she decides to leave him. As a peace offering, he starts making stuff on her Pinterest boards (gourmet food, though he’s not a cook), which he hopes will mend their broken home. Though you may be guessing where this is going, the ending comes as a big surprise.

From the title, one might be led to believe this is a snarky, web-obsessed story, but that is not the case at all. This is a story about the struggle of marriage, how a marriage takes work and investment, and how it can never be taken for granted. Crucially, the story is not treacly or sentimental, which would be easy to do in a story about a dissolving marriage. It is not burdensome or depressing either; humor abounds in this story. The voice of the main character is assured and likeable.

It’s also a tall order for Maggiore to be writing from a male protagonist. There’s nothing in his voice to suggest he was written by a woman, even if his eventual sensitivity to his wife’s needs may be every wife’s hope. He’s not impossibly sensitive, he’s still very much human. And that’s why “Pinterest” is such a strong story. These are real people dealing with real issues in the internet age. It’s not about gigantic themes, it’s a story about one struggling marriage, but that’s a whole lot more like life, and it’s what makes this story so satisfying. Most of all, the ending will have you smiling, which has a poignancy all its own.

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