Review: 101+ Secrets From Nutrition School by Lynne Dorner ★★★★★

101+ Secrets From Nutrition School by Lynne Dorner101+ Secrets From Nutrition School by Lynne Dorner is a bright and breezy look at nutrition and wellbeing in 101 + quick tips, with  fun illustrations and references for anyone looking into improving their way of life with food and exercise. If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight without dieting, and you want clearer skin and better health as a result, this is a good place to start.

Lynne Dorner has put together an account of her time at nutrition school, where she was taught by such legendary lifestyle gurus as Deepak Chopra, and this book does sell the system of IIN somewhat, with contributions from others involved in the school. But this isn’t just a sales pamphlet for the school’s courses – this is actually an interesting and educational work, broken down into small bite-sized pieces so that it would be possible to read one page a day, and use that page for your daily meditation – but it would also be possible to use the book to refer to as part of any kitchen library.

This book is about more than just food – it’s about how we approach food, and how you can stop using food as a crutch or as a comfort in your stressful life. Dorner gives tips for weaning yourself off coffee in a very simple way, and how to shop for food – specifically fresh produce – that has less pesticides, for example. Dorner is a purist in ways, as she does not condone the regular use of vitamins or supplements. America is certainly both a fat, and at the same time, malnourished nation, with sugar and corn syrup being added to everything, even savory foods, and this book could really help to navigate the choppy waters of food shopping in the USA, and may just save your life, literally.

When I lived in the US, I was horrified at how ill I felt most of the time, and I suffered with major digestive and skin issues as a result – that went away almost overnight once I returned to Europe and had access to “real” food again. Bad (and incredibly cruel) farming methods and the use of bad ingredients in the USA are discussed here, and I wish I had seen some of the details in this book before trying to eat healthily from supermarkets and even local shops, because tips such as the most and least polluted fruit and vegetables lists would really help when shopping for fresh produce that isn’t deemed organic.

This book isn’t just for those in America however, considering how factory and mass farming techniques are spreading across the planet – there is a mountain of information here that will lodge itself in your brain forever much like stuff your grandmother told you, and you’ll enjoy how easy Dorner makes it to let go of your bad habits and set yourself free of lazy eating once and for all with really a surprisingly minimum amount of effort.

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