Review: Travel Your Way by Robert W. Bauer

★★★★½ Travel Your Way

Travel Your Way, by Robert Bauer, strips away the glamor and glitz of travel brochures and gets down to the nitty-gritty of what it takes to plan a wonderful and memorable trip.

In today’s Internet world, travel opportunities seem endless. But how does one sift through all the online travel companies, service providers, travel agents, and tour operators to find the most reliable and best deals? Vacations can be expensive and not everyone is an experienced traveler. Not knowing the options and process can discourage many from going on a trip they’ve always dreamed about. Bauer’s book outlines the methods that work for him in this insightful guide.

At first glance, some of Bauer’s tips may seem like commonsense. And some of his tips are. However, from experience, it’s easy to forget absolute necessities, such as contact lens solution, not just the case. It just as easy to assume you won’t need local currency and can rely on credit cards. Not every place in the world accepts credit cards and many, myself included, forget this fact.

It would behoove experienced travelers to read this book. I’ve lived in two countries and have visited over twenty countries, and yet I found several of his tips and action plans illuminating and insightful. I’ve bookmarked many pages to reread before my next adventure.

Travel Your Way will really appeal to those who haven’t ventured too far from home. Bauer’s tips, advice, and methods are straightforward and easy to follow. This doesn’t mean you have to travel just like he does. He provides you with the tools to create the trip you want to go on. Traveling is a personal experience and the only one who knows your perfect trip is you. Bauer wants to help you feel confident enough to create a vacation you’ll never forget, and hopefully for the right reasons.

Of course, not everything will go according to plan. Nothing in life ever does. Bauer is honest about mistakes he’s made in the past. And he describes the times when Murphy’s Law caused him some considerable headaches and roadblocks. More than likely, your mishaps will be different, but his advice about how to handle situations will help you greatly. Your best defense is to be prepared for the inevitable missteps and disasters by having all the information and supplies you need.

Bauer has a very organized way of thinking and for doing things. Some of us aren’t built that way. This book will greatly help those who have a hard time putting lists, plans, and more lists together since he provides not just a step-by-step guide, but actual lists you can tailor to meet your individual vacation needs.

At times, he relies too much on the use of abbreviations and it does take some time getting used to this style. That’s how his mind works. However, this is a minor distraction and doesn’t take away from the usefulness of this book.

I know I will be consulting his book many times over the years.


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