Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit by Maria Isabel Pita

Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit by Maria Isabel PitaLucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit by Maria Isabel Pita is a fascinating account of one woman’s experiences with lucid dreaming over many years. Describing over 50 dreams, Pita explores the imagery of each dream and the ramifications for her life both personally and spiritually.

The book is not necessarily a handbook on lucid dreaming – telling you how to strengthen your perception in your dreams on a nightly basis. Books about that subject have already been written, as Pita references early on. Instead, Pita goes through her dreams one by one and attempts to disseminate their meaning, often with illuminating results.

Though the book has a religious emphasis in parts, the book doesn’t proselytize any one faith. Certainly, there’s a Catholic emphasis in the book, but one could take this as having a “spiritual” component to the lucid dreaming phenomenon, rather than saying this is an explicitly Catholic phenomenon. Pita is mostly looking through at lucid dreaming through the lens of her Catholic upbringing.

Typically, hearing about someone else’s dream can be a mundane experience. This isn’t a problem in Lucid Dreams, as Pita’s dreams have a more tangible reality than everday dreams, as abstract as they sometimes can be. It’s as instructive as a how-to, which should help people look more deeply at their dreams. It’s one thing to learn how to lucid dream, it’s quite another to understand how to interpret the experience. Pita’s expertise could help lucid dreamers understand their own experiences with the phenomenon, and non-lucid dreamers could benefit from her interpretations as well. Overall, it’s an enlightening account, which treats dreams as a tangible and instructive world that exists alongside our own.

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