Review: The Priest Whisperer by Stefan Emunds ★★★★

The Priest Whisperer by Stefan EmundsThe Priest Whisperer by Stefan Emunds, is spiritual fiction that delves into deep subject matters, such as how does one explain the unexplainable, and whether reality is actually “real.”

George Mykal Ferluci is a priest who lives in Philadelphia. One afternoon, he experiences a vision that shakes his reality. The vision has such a profound impact on George that he begins to question his very existence and world view.

What to do? How do I get to the bottom of this? I couldn’t think of anyone I could ask for help. I was worried people would call me crazy. I was on my own.

Determined to dig deeper, he prays to enter a visionary meditation. During this exercise, he hears a voice. The voice challenges George to discover his true self. This challenge initiates George’s spiritual journey.

To help himself understand and to remember what he’s experienced, George keeps a diary, which makes up the first installment of The Priest Whisperer: Excerpts from the Diaries of George Mykal Ferluci.

Emunds lists The Priest Whisperer as a work of fiction, but it’s not the typical sort of fiction one stumbles upon. If you require an actual story and character development this is not the book for you. Also, if you need things to make sense, you should pass.

However, that being said, if you are looking for a read that is challenging, thought provoking, and will spur you to reevaluate your beliefs, you might want to give this a go.

This short work raises more questions than it answers, but considering it’s the first in the series and heavy subject matter, it’s not surprising. After all, Emunds is analyzing concepts that have interested and consumed humans for centuries.

Even though this book is brief, it’s not an easy read. It’s the type of book that can be read in one sitting, but don’t be surprised if you set it aside to ponder certain phrases and theories. Some of the ideas are hard to grasp, so don’t be put off by the difficult subject matter if this is a topic that really interests you. Even if you don’t digest it all at once, it offers nuggets of wisdom that will get you thinking.

The author is well versed in religion, spirituality, the Bible, philosophy, psychology, Tarot, and symbolism, and he’s crammed much of what he’s learned into this work. Furthermore, he includes many endnotes. At times it would have been helpful if he’d included the information hidden in the endnotes in the diary entries of the book. Even readers of non fiction tend to skip endnotes, and it’s hard to know if fiction readers will pay much attention to them. Not only is the information in the endnotes enlightening, but some help fill in certain gaps and therefore it’s surprising that the author didn’t attempt to include the somewhat pertinent information into George’s story in places.

Overall, this book won’t appeal to everyone. It’s intended for readers who are searching for answers to age-old questions, so don’t be surprised if you end up having even more questions about life when you finish this work. A very interesting read for the inquiring mind.

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