Selling English books written by an Ex Gurkha in a Chinese society is really hard…!

tim gurungAll the new and self-published writers know how hard it is to sell a book, it is not a new subject and one shouldn’t be surprised at all if this doesn’t catch your attention. But I am not only a new and self-published author but also a non-native-English writer and doesn’t even live in a country where people mostly speak English.

I actually live in Hong Kong, one of the most expensive metropolitans of the world where everything starts and ends with money, 95% of the population is Chinese origin, and due to the immediate impact of China’s huge influences here, English has already taken a backseat in the society.

In addition, I also happened to be coming from the outside, e.g. Nepal precisely, living here still as an outsider and selling English books written by an Ex-Gurkha soldier in a Chinese-dominated society is really hard.

(Read about Tim’s life as a Gurkha here at Post Magazine.)

And that is my current situation now. So, hello all, I am new here, and this is my first post.

My name is TIM I GURUNG, I write on global issues, and I am hoping to contribute more here in the future. Until next time, be safe and take care!