Donald Trump: Zombie Hunter by Jon Davidson

Donald Trump: Zombie HunterDonald Trump: Zombie Hunter is the raucous and topical satire of the man of the moment, Donald Trump, as he wins the presidency, fixes everything overnight, and then is attacked by a hoard of zombies, all of which come in the form of his current opponents: Chris Christie and Rand Paul, among others. The story is filled with amusing references to moments from the campaign trail – such as Trump taking on John McCain’s heroism. If you’re a fan of the horror crossover genre, it’s a unique take that’s at once funny and revolting.

Though the short story may be trying to lampoon Donald Trump’s self-regard, it actually comes off as more pro-Trump than non-partisan. It has a different flavor than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, as Abe Lincoln is universally regarded as a great American and Donald Trump is a bit more polarizing. The story turns Donald Trump into the new Chuck Norris meme: he can win any battle to an absurd extent.

It’s tough to know if this is satire or written by a Donald Trump supporter:

Despite years of accumulated financial damage brought about by Obama and his goofy administration, The Donald managed to wipe out the national debt and create a budget surplus by the end of his first term as commander-in-chief of the United States.

It’s obviously poking fun at Donald Trump’s grand declarations, but it may be less entertaining to non-supporters. For the Trump aficionado, however, this is one to pick up.