A Spiritual Journey by Susan Kapatoes

A Spiritual Journey by Susan Kapatoes  A Spiritual Journey is Susan Kapatoes’ memoir about communing with the divine, and finding evidence of the divine in her life, such as in friendships and love. The book is not so much a spiritual treatise investigating different spiritual traditions, so much as a personal memoir about personal spiritual growth. Though she has her first spiritual awakening after picking up a Christian Bible, her story is not centered around Christianity specifically, but a more-universal take on the meaning of God.

Kapatoes’ story is gripping because she perceives an absolute reality to her spiritual awareness. Her awakening is not merely intellectual, she actually experiences the divine – including hearing Gregorian chanting in the library at college, which nobody else can hear. She gives some advice about how to duplicate the experience, but her experiences are intense and tactile well beyond what some may achieve themselves.

Much of the book focuses on her personal life, and how there is evidence of the divine everywhere. At times, the book veers to the generic – as is evidenced by the blurb and cover, as well as the title – and her poetry doesn’t quite match the quality of her prose. But overall it’s an enormously optimistic book, which many may find comforting and uplifting.