Review: Less Stress: 88 Best Practices by Gabriella Kindert

★★★★½ Less Stress

Inspirational quotes books are always fun and interesting, but when the person writing the book is also inspirational, that’s when the book gets really good. Gabriella Kindert, author of  Less Stress: 88 Best Practices and Inspirations from Historical Leaders is something of an “overachiever” – mother, wife, hugely successful in her career, world-traveled, speaking several languages, and drop dead gorgeous. If she were a character in a novel, she’d be described as “having it all.” So what makes this book immensely attractive to inspire the reader is the idea that maybe if the author has made it this far by looking to historical figures for strength, maybe taking a look at her favorite quotes from these mammoth mavens is something of a well-advised one.

The answer to reducing stress is always the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, especially for the busy executives Kindert runs with, dashing across the world in the finance sector at all hours, with highly responsible positions. But how did Cleopatra feel about being responsible for a nation? Or Alexander for an army of thousands? Wasn’t that maybe a little stressful? Of course, but it’s not the sort of thing that occurs to you until it’s pointed out. Given that stress is responsible for weight gain or loss, sleeplessness, appetite disturbance, and many other unpleasant symptoms, it’s interesting to learn how the professionals have handled it for centuries in easy bite-size pieces that makes the book easy to dip in and out of in a crisis should you have your e-reading device to hand.

If you are looking for the sort of book to make your problems feel quite easy to handle and frankly, tiny compared to some of these world icons in relative comparison, this book is just what you were looking for. You will learn how these leaders and creators managed stress and came out the other side (mostly) victorious. Some choices for inspiration, such as Vladimir Putin, may seem a little odd given his notoriety in the West, but I suppose it cannot be said he isn’t a success in his life choices.

The advice is what you would expect – more sex, more pampering, in general believing in yourself, and having passion, will improve your stress levels, and this book isn’t in any way saying anything new. But it’s packaged very well, and isn’t all good advice basically what you know deep down, and you’re just not following it? This book is a reminder that simple techniques can work and give great results.

The book cover here is wonderfully precise and professional, and is the exact design for the contents of the book. Gabriella Kindert is on her way to styling herself as a self-made lifestyle guru, and if she keeps producing books of this quality and, of course, practising what she preaches, she should be moving towards to building herself a great set of inspirational books and a name for herself with her series of executive-based advice for those with hectic and successful lives.


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Less Stress: 88 best practices and inspirations from historical leaders

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