The One Obvious Reason Authors Get Rejected By BookBub

bookbubAfter a bit of research with BookBub, it seems one really, really obvious point for submission often gets overlooked when authors send their book to BookBub. It’s so simple that maybe in these days of e-books and percentages instead of page numbers we forget that page count is one of the main points of BookBub’s requirements.

All types books have different criteria, too, but the way this information is laid out, it’s easy to gloss over it (It’s in the paragraph “A full-length book”).

So in case you have been rejected, maybe it was as simple as not meeting these numbers:

  • Novels: 150+ pages
  • Nonfiction: 100+ pages
  • Cookbooks: 70+ pages
  • Children’s picture books: 20+ pages

So what to do if your book is shorter?

If you have a series, why not reconsider publishing it as a whole book now it’s finished? If you have a non-fiction book, have you got another chapter you can add in? How about a foreword that will bring the book together for the reader? It’s worth considering, as with 1 million+ subscribers, BookBub still stands out as the one place that can guarantee getting books in front of buying readers in a way that your measly mailing list is not going to.