The Real Matrix by Michael Evans

The Real Matrix by Michael EvansThe Real Matrix by Michael Evans is not about a technological Matrix, in which we’re caught in a computer simulation. However, we’re caught in a simulation all the same: one that’s built by upbringing, societal pressure, the media, and more that not only inform how we think, but lock us into a particular mindset. The Real Matrix lays out all the ways we’re conditioned and aims to break those bonds.

The book is at its best when its talking about big picture issues – such as the impact of religion or law on personal outlook. For example, the issue of gay marriage may be a moral question, but opinions about gay marriage are a societal and religious construct, they aren’t “true” one way or the other. Which isn’t to say there’s no grounds to have a moral system, but once you view the world through the lens of conditioning, you can reach a much more honest and unique perspective on the world at large.

Where the book falls down somewhat is not having enough real world examples. The gay marriage debate is just one, and there could have been more. So he talks a lot about belief systems and how they form, but not enough specifics about those systems. Some of his proclamations are a bit general, rather than getting into the details. It’s a fairly short book for such a big issue.

Overall, however, this is a book that should help people pull away the veil and unearth their preconceptions about life, and how much they’ve been conditioned by their environment. It’s a message that can’t be expressed enough, and Michael Evans expresses it well.


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